We are, like all creatures on earth, children of the land. My work explores the connection of our senses to our surrounding environment. The complexity and beauty of survival in its interconnectedness and chance, interests me. Great art connects us to that point where all life intersects.

My goal is the sensory experience of the environment caught in oil paint thick as butter, sculpted like frosting, and layered with my brushes on stretched canvas into relief forms, some rising an inch from the surface. I’m aware of color and its dependence on light to exist, and how light changes in time altering color across surfaces.

I work in a series, three to five paintings at the same time. I find the resolution for the first painting in the third, or the second painting in the first. I’m able to do this because these paintings are connected in concept, to explore my experience of life, which I strive to share with the viewer.

Thick as butter, spread like frosting.